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Single-Use License

The Beaver Templates single-use license is designed to give you confidence that the items you download can be used in a wide range of projects and applications, including commercial usage. For full details, please read the complete license terms.

Summary of Correct Usage

Active Subscription To use any items downloaded from Beaver Templates in new projects, you must have an active subscription.

Flexible Use Items downloaded from Beaver Templates are licensed for use in multiple projects without requiring a new license for each use. This allows you to leverage the same template across various projects.

Customization or Incorporation Required Items must be incorporated into larger projects or customized in a manner that requires skill or effort (e.g., you cannot redistribute an item ‘as-is’).

Public Display, Reproduction, or Communication The license permits projects where items have been used to be publicly displayed, communicated, broadcast, distributed, or reproduced, provided they have been customized or implemented into a larger project.

Transfer to Clients (Sublicensing) You may transfer end products incorporating items to a client, including a limited sublicense of the item rights as part of this. When doing so, you must have an active subscription at the time of transfer, ensure the item cannot be extracted from the end product, and inform the client of their obligations.

Unlimited Copies and Distribution You can create and distribute an unlimited number of copies of end products (e.g., printing a poster incorporating an item an unlimited number of times) in any and multiple media formats.

Summary of Prohibited Usage

No Redistribution of Items, Even with Modifications Items from Beaver Templates must not be redistributed (whether for free or paid) as stock, in tools or templates, or with source files. Redistribution is prohibited even with superficial modifications. You cannot create derivatives of templates.

No Use in On-Demand or Made-to-Order Applications Items from Beaver Templates cannot be used in on-demand services (e.g., a site where a customer customizes a template design for an order). This applies whether the end result is a digital or physical product.

No Use in Merchandising Where the Main Value is the Item Itself You cannot use an item as merchandise where the primary value is the item itself (e.g., a website design). You can use items in merchandising if they are incorporated into a larger end product and/or significantly altered.

Items Incorporated into End Products Cannot Be Extracted Items incorporated into end products cannot be extracted or used separately from the end product. Reasonable steps must be taken to prevent this, and clients must be informed of their responsibilities.

No Trademark or Service Mark Rights You cannot claim trademark or service mark rights for any item included in the end product. These items must be excluded from any trademark or service mark rights for the end product.

One Account = One User You cannot share your user account details with anyone else, even within the same organization or business. Items installed (such as plugins or templates) can only be used by the subscriber.

Lawful Purposes Only Items can only be used for lawful purposes. They must not be used in material that is offensive, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, demeaning, or promotes discrimination. Items cannot be used in a way that creates a fake identity, implies personal endorsement, or in connection with sensitive subjects.

No Claim of Ownership The owner of each item retains ownership. You cannot claim ownership of an item, even if it has been modified. By downloading or registering an item, you acquire only the license to use it, not ownership.

Stock Photos and Visual Assets Stock photos and visual assets used within the templates must be changed when the template is used in an end product. The stock photography in Beaver Template products is licensed for use on beavertemplates.com and should not be distributed in your end product.

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